Software: OCFF® Self-Ordering

The OCFF® Self-Ordering application enables supermarket customers to place orders for any of the fresh foods departments over any of the following channels:

On an In-Store Kiosk
Via an Associate taking the order, face-to-face on an Tablet
Over the Web
On a Smart Phone

Using one consistent and common interface over any of these channels, customers can place orders for deli meats, cheeses, salads and prepared foods, as well as made-to-order items like sandwiches, pizzas and salads. They can even order trays from the catering department and seasonal items such as Holiday dinners. The customer simply places their order on a kiosk, or their mobile phone, and the system takes care of the rest.
The Self-Ordering application optionally integrates with the ADUSA’s Order & Queue Management system to ensure that the customer’s order detail, including pick-up times, are distributed to the respective departments and prep areas. The result is that the fresh foods associates will have the order ready and waiting just in time, and fresh, for the customer to pick up.
ADUSA’s Self-Ordering applications have been proven over a decade of deployments at hundreds of supermarkets; both large and small. The applications have helped supermarket operators increase fresh foods sales and customer satisfaction, providing a solid return on investment. Features and functions include the following:

Enables customers to order all items from all fresh foods departments
Enables customers to retrieve, and order from, their order history
Enables customers to search for products or navigate to specific products by category/subcategory
Presents customers with a separate list of the products that are on sale
Presents customers with companion/cross-sell items when appropriate
Presents customers with photos and information about the products
Presents customers with options for slicing and packaging
Fully integrated with scale management system for automated retail and sale price updates
Centralized Content Management enables merchandisers to manage content at the corporate or regional level

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