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Software: OCFF® OrderHub

The OCFF® OrderHUB™ is the central server for the Omni-Channel Fresh-Foods® application suite. The OrderHUB™ can host any combination of the following applications and API(s):

Order Kiosks
Order-Taking Tablets
Ticket Kiosks
Order/Prep Managers
Queue Managers
Queue Viewers
Now-Serving Viewers

Web Orders
Mobile Orders

The OrderHUB™ contains the enterprise-grade logic and processes that enable the applications and APIs to interact with each other and deliver endpoint functionality to customers and associates.

An example of how this works is when Web Orders are passed from the retailer’s web site to an OrderHUB™ at a specific store, through the API. Within that store, the OrderHUB™ sends the order to a Queue Manager or Prep Manager in a specific department or prep area, at a specific time, so that associates can prepare the order just in time for the customer to pick it up from the staging area.

The OrderHUB™ can pass the orders to a synchronous Prep Manager where associates process the orders as they come in, one after the other, or it can pass the orders to a Queue Manager that will blend the orders with order tickets for customers that are waiting in line to ensure that all orders are given the utmost priority. At the same time, the Prep Managers and Queue Managers can be also be receiving orders from in-store devices such as Order Kiosks and Order-Taking Tablets.

The OrderHUB™ ties it all together to make sure all of the orders from inside and outside the store get to the right department or prep station at the right time, and are ultimately staged fresh for the customer to pick up.

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