Software: OCFF® Queue Management

Queue Management is recommended to be used in busy fresh foods departments where long lines can form during peak times. The most common department where this happens is the deli. Satellite prep areas for the deli, for example a sandwich station or a fried chicken station, are better served by a synchronous Prep Manager, or simply a receipt printer.

Customers waiting for service at the counter (non self-service)
Order Kiosks
Order-Takers (Tablet Line-Busters)
Web or Mobile

At the center of the Queue Manager application is a proprietary algorithm that calculates estimated wait times for customers and ensures that orders from in-store channels are merged into the queue and processed in FIFO sequence, while orders from external sources are released to the queue for processing with enough time for prep before the customer arrives at the store to pick up.

Associates process all order types from one, easy-to-use, common interface, so that training requirements are minimal. This serves to “normalize” the workflow for associates which brings with it some labor efficiencies and, ultimately, enhanced customer satisfaction. When an associate signals to the system that a Web, Mobile, Kiosk or Order-Taker Tablet order has been completed, the system can optionally send the customer a text message, or e-mail, notification.

It’s also important to note that the OCFF® Queue Management system can be deployed with some, or all, of the channels being active. This enables the retailer to contemplate an Omni-Channel FreshFoods® implementation strategy that best suits their needs; both in terms of resources and budget.

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