Software: The OCFF® Digital Displays & Menu Boards application

ADUSA has created a uniquely integrated system to address these requirements and enable grocery retailers to cost-effectively manage content across a network of digital displays and menu boards.

The solution is fully integrated with ADUSA’s Omni-Channel Fresh -Foods® (OCFF®) product suite (self-ordering kiosks, order-taking tablets, web ordering, mobile ordering, queue management, basic queueing,integration with scale management systems and integrations with Mettler Toledo scales), yet can alsostand on its own, as an independent system.

Integration with the OCFF® suite provides numerous benefits; most importantly, ensuring that product content and pricing displayed on the menu boards come from one source: The same source used by the point of sale systems, scales, self-ordering kiosks, online and mobile ordering, etc.), and is therefore reliably accurate, without additional intervention from a user.

By combining the automated content feed with the system’s central management tools, ADUSA’s system enables users to effectively synchronize content from the enterprise down to the division level, and ultimately down to the individual stores; on all digital displays and menu boards, not only in the fresh foods areas, but throughout the store.

The visual editor (DD Manager) provides an efficient way for users at the enterprise, or division, level, to incorporate data sources for pricing and product content, as well as graphical elements, advertisements, content from suppliers, etc., and do it all on a central desktop, with the ability to push out the changes to an entire network of digital displays and menu boards.

Key Features
Centrally managed with the ability to incorporate rich dynamic content from multiple sources, including automated content & pricing data feeds;

Comprehensive visual editing tool, with easy screen design and management features that facilitate building a custom individual look, while also ensuring the integrity of product content, including pricing and FDA mandated information such as calorie counts;

Compliant with the Food & Drug Administration’s menu labeling law, to be enforced beginning May 5, 2017 (, for chains of 20 or more stores;

Integrated with ADUSA’s Omni-Channel Fresh-Foods® suite (i.e. Uses a common database that is maintained by a feed from the scale management system, and can use Queue Management as one of the feeds to display queue information on one or more panels);

Flexible hardware & software configurations, including multiple product tiers and hardware tiers to make the overall solution as cost-effective as possible for retailers of all sizes:

Product Tiers:


Hardware Tiers:

STANDARD MENU PLAYER (Based on low-cost Raspberry Pi 2 processor)

HIGH-DEF PLAYER (Based on Logic Supply CL100 processor)

Straightforward deployment practices, allowing for retailers to procure their own digital panels, or procure consumer or commercial-grade panels through ADUSA;

Gives retailers real-time ability to have the stores consistently be “on message”

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