Hardware: OCFF® Ticket Kiosk

The OCFF® Ticket Kiosk is a retail-hardened kiosk that can be deployed at different points around the store to provide customers with a convenient place to take a numbered ticket and wait in line for counter service.

The Ticket Kiosk was designed by ADUSA, in conjunction with engineering and manufacturing partner – 7 Mile Solutions Companies, to provide retailers with the utmost value and durability.

Features of the OCFF® Ticket Kiosk include the following:

Weighted metal base and metal body that together provide a steady platform that also pro-tects peripherals from damage that can be caused by errant shopping carts, pallet jacks, etc.

A 12”, 4:3 aspect ratio, resistive touchscreen that is touched by customers to initiate the printing of a numbered ticket

Information displayed on the screen includes the number of the next ticket that will be dis-pensed, as well the current estimated wait time at that counter, or queue

Unique printer housing mechanism that makes printer maintenance tasks such as loading a new paper roll or clearing a paper jam, quick and easy for busy store associates

Uses a fast and durable Epson® TM-T70II front-loading printer that accepts standard cash register paper rolls so there is no need to stock special paper

ADA compliant height positions the touch screen and the printer paper ejection slot at com-fortable and easily accessible levels for all customers

Comes with a frontal graphic panel that can be customized so that the retailer can add their own branding touches

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