Hardware: OCFF® Unmanaged Queues and Prep Managers

The OCFF® Unmanged Queue is a concept that is unique to ADUSA’s OCFF® Queue Management Suite. The concept was designed to help reduce the overall hardware footprint and thereby the associated investment required for the retailer.

While the OCFF® Queue Management system is managing the busy deli queue; taking in and processing Omni Channel orders, there are prep areas that are ‘satellites’ to the deli department but that do not require a concentrated level of queue management processing power. Examples of these prep areas are catering and party tray prep areas, made-to-order food prep areas, holiday dinner prep areas, etc. These areas work optimally as single-threaded satellites to the main deli, while the deli itself is usually the busiest of the fresh foods departments.

Additionally, these areas, in most cases, do not require the full scope of queue management hardware (i.e. Queue Manager, Ticket Dispensers, Queue Viewers, Now-Serving Viewers, etc.) Instead, they can function most effectively receiving the orders on a single-threaded device, such as a thermal receipt printer, that prints tickets for associates to prep the orders, immediately, or for pickup at the scheduled time indicated on the ticket. This receipt printer is then essentially functioning as an Unmanaged Queue.

A step up from a basic thermal receipt printer as the endpoint for an unmanaged queue, is the OCFF® Prep Manager.

The OCFF® Prep Manager is a widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) touch monitor that enables associates to process through a sequential stream of orders that are being sent to the prep area by the queue management system. In many respects, the OCFF® Prep Manager is similar to a kitchen display system found in quick service restaurant.

The concept of unmanaged queues, whether executed with a thermal receipt printer, or a prep manager, gives the supermarket retailer the substantial flexibility and helps lower the level of investment required to deploy ADUSA’s Omni-Channel Fresh Foods® systems.

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