Hardware: OCFF® Order Kiosk

The OCFF® Order Kiosk is a retail-hardened kiosk that can be deployed at different points around the store to provide customers with a convenient place to enter their fresh foods orders and avoid having to wait in line.

The Order Kiosk was designed by ADUSA, in conjunction with engineering and manufacturing partner – 7 Mile Solutions Companies, to provide retailers with the utmost value and durability.

Features of the OCFF® Order Kiosk include the following:

Weighted metal base and metal body that together provide a steady platform that also pro-tects peripherals from damage that can be caused by errant shopping carts, pallet jacks, etc.

Built-in multiple VESA mounting patterns for the touchscreen allowing for the use of practi-cally any All-In-One kiosk head unit, such as the Anyplace Kiosk® from IBM or the TCxWave® from Toshiba, as well as any generic touchscreen ranging in size from 15” to 24” and with aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9

Unique printer housing mechanism that makes printer maintenance tasks such as loading a new paper roll or clearing a paper jam, quick and easy for busy store associates

Uses a fast and durable Epson® TM-T70II front-loading printer that accepts standard cash register paper rolls so there is no need to stock special paper

Available as a “barebones” stand to be paired with an All-In-One (as mentioned above), or as a fully outfitted kiosk with an industrial processor (Logic Supply® AG960 NUC), 17” resistive touch screen (4:3 aspect ratio), optional Datalogic® imaging bar code scanner and audio speakers

ADA compliant height positions the touch screen and the printer paper ejection slot at com-fortable and easily accessible levels for all customers

Comes with a frontal graphic panel that can be customized so that the retailer can add their own branding touches

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