About Applied Decisions USA (ADUSA), Inc.

Based in Hoffman Estates, IL, at the Prairie Stone Business Park, ADUSA is the leading provider of Omni-Channel Fresh-Foods® systems designed solely for the grocery industry. With nearly 1,000 systems installed in supermarkets across the country, ADUSA’s singular focus and experience over more than a decade have made its OCFF™ solution suite the #1 choice of grocery supermarkets throughout the US.


Our Vision has always been about providing cost-effective solutions, specifically for supermarkets. All of the solutions, hardware and software, that comprise our portfolio are engineered in modular fashion to provide supermarket retailers more flexibility with their capital expenditures. Our solutions are robust and reliable, yet easy to deploy and maintain. Most importantly, our solutions are always designed to solve real business problems that retailers tell us will either help them increase sales or lower their costs.

With respect to investing in Omni-Channel Fresh-Foods® solutions, our advice to our clients is to use our portfolio’s flexibility as the basis for a graduated plan with the following dual focus:

Invest in a way that reflects the current market, but also prepares the business for the coming shift to true Omni-Channel consumers.

Invest in a way that enables the stores to be ready to quickly “plug in” to your expanding Omni-Channel network, but avoid investing in systems that are going to go under-utilized because they are too far ahead of the market trend.

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